Thursday, November 19, 2009

King Kong Statue

Here is a very rare statue of the 1976 version of King Kong.  These were made for cast, crew, and promotions. 




  1. can this statue still be seen anywhere?

  2. Well my uncle has one that he got when he was 13 years old, but besides that, I have never seen another one in person. They come up on ebay every once in a while.

  3. There were only 400 produced and they were given free to the media. They are extremely rare and I have one for sale.

  4. My dad picked up one of these roughly 20+ years ago at a yard sale for two bucks. I work in the movie industry now and have it in my office because it is so cool looking. I've always wondered what the price range for it would be but it is kind of a family item now so I'm not planning on selling mine. Some informaiton here was helpful about what it was because I've never really looked for anything on it until I was bored this weekend and motivated

  5. $2 for the Kong!?!?! Boy I wish I came across that!

  6. There was only 100 made.

  7. I have on in good condition for sale if you are me at

  8. I have the King Kong original 1976 statue. That was in the show case. Excellent condition on the platform which is excellent condition as well. Both items are original & in mint condition. Selling it for $30,000 contact me in interested.

  9. hello there ,

    glad to see so many notes on this King Kong original 1976 statue !
    My mother was working then at the Paramount Pictures for John Frankenheimer who got one of those statue on his desk and gave it to me in 1977. I also had the chance to stand on King Kong's hand: as young as I was on this time , I remember the scaffolding was quite high and it was a bit scary but very exciting!
    If any of you is interested by acquiring this King Kong original 1976 statue or informations about it, just email me at:

    here is a link that might interest you :

    Enjoy !


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