Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aurora Box Art

Here is the "Bride of Frankenstein" artwork for the Aurora Model. I'm not sure if this is the original or a reproduction of a great painting.


  1. This is , in my opinion , a repainted version - not by James Bama - of the James Bama original Bride Cover Art which had a bluish background.

    I wonder who owns the original James Bama Cover Art paintings for all the Aurora Monster Kits?

    These Cover Art paintings were hugely influential - to use a much overused word "Iconic" images and should really be in a museum!

    They truly were a form of Pop Art!

  2. The paintings really are great. I would love to see the originals in an art show along with Famous Monsters cover paintings. I think my favorite of the Aurora paintings is for the Mummy kit.

  3. I do have the original Bama Painting for the 'Polar Lights customizing monster kit #2" -- the one with the vulture. It is a 10 by 24 watercolor and by Bama. Anyone know what it may be worth?


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