Friday, April 15, 2011

FM Cover Fridays - #86


  1. WOW. I just discovered this blog, and am BLOWN AWAY! SO much amazing stuff; stills from movies I love and from an era when even low-budget "B" pictures had gorgeous black and white cinematography.

    Now I get to spend a long time (hours? days?) going through your older posts, and I'm looking forward to every minute.


  2. I'm with Major Pepperidge -- the site is terrific. I do "Famous Monsters Saturday" posts at the blog I write for, scanning my collection of FMs, and we run a lot of movie reviews and whatnot as well. Love all the classic monsters here.

    I'm gonna add your site to our list of links -- good stuff!

  3. I'll add your site as well! Thanks for the compliments!


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