Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something Odd Here...

Here is a classic issue of Famous Monsters, but that doesn't look like Henry Hull as the Werewolf of London... Why it's Forry Ackerman!


  1. This was a birthday present for Forry Ackerman, done by my friend and co-author James Greene, whom together we put out the book HOUSE OF ACKERMAN, which is about the abodes and collection of Forry. Check it out if you haven't yet.- Al Astrella

  2. I have the book. You guys did a great job on it!

  3. Thanks! And thanks to this blogger for posting this! And by the way, this framed gift I created on Photoshop and gave FJA now hangs on a collector's wall in Manchester UK among some of Forry's best monster portrait paintings. I saw the photo online. When I gave it to Uncle 4E in 2001 he kept running his hand over the glass covering it, as if to "feel" it. I could tell he loved it. It stood on his dining room shelf until the end. - James Greene, (co-author of House of Ackerman)


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