Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Mummy's Throttle

Tom Tyler as the Mummy and Dick Foran from "The Mummy's Hand".


  1. I remember watching this movie on TV when I was about ten. My late grandparents were visiting, and they recognized Dick Foran. He was a singing cowboy star in low budget Westerns. (While watching "Night Key," they also recognized Warren Hull, who hosted a TV quiz show.)

    Tom Tyler also made a lot of Westerns. In big budget "A" movies (Stagecoach, Red River, San Antonio), he played small parts, often as one of the bad guys. In "B" movies (including the Three Mesquiteers series) he was a star, and usually played heroes. He also played superheroes in two serials, Captain Marvel in 1941 and the Phantom in 1943.


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