Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Best Monster Toy Ever?

I'd say so!  It's the official photo of the Aurora Frankenstein model.  The first in the popular line of Aurora Monster Models!


  1. I second the motion. First bought this model around 1970 or '71, had a few more since then. Got two Aurora versions, the first Monogram release, the Luminator one, and also one issued in the original long box. Great model, and a dead-ringer for Karloff's face in Bride Of Frankenstein. Interestingly, the box art is an amalgam of Glenn Strange and Boris, in that the pose and face are based on a publicity still of Strange, but the illo features the over-sized clamps (sometimes referred to as 'horns') that were only ever seen in a photo of Karloff's test-makeup.


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