Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Undying Monsters!

As a special Halloween treat, I thought I would post a link to a documentary I made a few years ago. Here is a synopsis with a link to the film:

Dracula, Frankenstein, King Kong, and The Wolf Man. These are only a few of the classic characters that brought terror to people in cinemas around the world. "The Undying Monsters!" explores why characters in these such fright films are beloved by so many. You will encounter a monster movie historian, true monster movie fans, and a person who has influenced the genre more than any other known man. These most unusual people will take you to a world where corpses 3,500 years dead walk again, where vampires are on the hunt for blood, and where werewolves prowl under the full of the moon. This is the fang-tastic world of "The Undying Monsters!"

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