Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Forry Ackerman!

Today is Forrest J Ackerman's 94th Birthday!

FJA in the grip of King Kong!

Forry and I on his 90th Birthday.


  1. WOW how cool! I'll bet you could sit and listen to him for hours. I know I would.

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  3. A great photo!!! I was born in September 1955 and grew up with Famous Monsters of Filmland , I remember my excitement as I looked forward , as each publication date drew near , to seeing what creature would be on the FM's cover often a startling Basil Gogos painting. All good stuff!!

  4. @Wobble, I really wish I was alive during that time. It must have been unbelievably exciting when a new Famous Monsters came out. But I still feel something special in those pages. I have been able to build a decent size collection and I'm reading them all the time.